About Us


MEMYPRINT.COM ( MJ SOLUTIONS)  is a subsidiary owned company of MJ Group of companies. Through different brands and private label products we have been servicing the photo art industry for the better part of the past 15 years. We have built strong strategic relationships with various organizations over the years which help us to continually grow, refine and advance our printing technology.

Since our inception, both our vision and objectives have proven to be a great success. The Photolumax.in brand is becoming stronger and more popular throughout the world market. We continue to impress our customers with our fine quality manufacturing processes, delightful customer service and inexpensive prices.

Me My Print has made substantial investments in printing equipment, efforts towards streamlining the production and quality control processes as well as acquiring some of the most experienced photo art experts in the industry. Based on our customer reviews and feedback, it has proven to be very rewarding.

Each day, countless numbers of shipments are shipped nationwide to provide people with stunning and top quality photo art products.
Our specialty is producing beautifully finished, gallery wrapped digital wooden prints.